“I just want to write real songs, about real life, for real folks. And I'm going to keep it real country.” – Caleb


At only 26 years old, Caleb Atwood is giving his all to preserve a style of country music that was almost completely gone before his childhood. His musical influences include legends such as Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Keith Whitley, George Jones, Alan Jackson, and George Strait. As well as several new musicians such as Cody Jinks, Ward Davis, Whitey Morgan, Aaron Watson, and Aaron Lewis.

When Caleb grabs his guitar and steps up to the microphone, there won’t be any skinny jeans, hip-hop lyrics, or any facade put up to impress the music industry. Instead, you’ll hear the classics, as well as some originals, played by a simple man – probably wearing his cowboy hat.

These are shows you don’t want to miss! Whether it is a solo acoustic show, a duet, or a full band concert with the Prodigal Guns – you are in for a musical experience that is hard to find these days.

“Thank you for checking out my website! I hope to see you at an upcoming show – come up and say hi, I’d love to meet ya! God Bless You, & God Bless REAL COUNTRY MUSIC!” -Caleb